Umbra Software: Visibility technology makes graphics production more agile

The number of details in the three-dimensional worlds and environments in video games is constantly increasing. Visibility optimisation significantly improves the game's flow and appearance, enables more detailed and dynamic worlds and accelerates development.

The 3D graphics in video games involve a lot of slow manual work done by graphic designers. Umbra’s visibility optimisation automatically hides the objects that a player doesn’t see. This means that game developers can give their full attention to development and productivity, and it also improves the technical functionality of games.

Many important game development studios in the industry will be using Umbra technology in future projects. They include Activision's Call of Duty series, Eidos' Deus Ex series, Bungie, the American creator of the Halo series, and Guerrilla Games, a Dutch company known for its highly refined game technology and ground-breaking graphics in the Killzone series of games. Umbra’s latest technology has been used in Killzone Shadow Fall, which is one of the flagship games in the PlayStation 4 due for release at the end of this year. The third part of the Witcher series created by the Polish studio CD Projekt RED also utilises Umbra technology in a world where players can freely roam.

Umbra also provides a boost to the upcoming fourth version of Unreal Engine, one of the world's most popular game engines. Umbra is an official partner of Epic Games, the American manufacturer of the engine. In Europe, Umbra works closely with the Unity game engine, which is especially popular among independent game developers.

In the future, Umbra will focus on new features for its technology, improving usability and taking the product to other sectors that use heavy 3D graphics, such as architecture and the construction industry.

Tekes in the game

Tekes funding has allowed Umbra to develop international business competence, pursue long-term development of its technology and invest in optimising this technology for next-generation consoles.

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