Toholammin Energia: New power plant type arrives in Finland

A new type of small-scale power plant based on OCR technology is about to be completed in Toholampi. No equivalent power plants combining heat and power production (CHP) have been previously implemented in Finland.

The procurement was put out to tender through a negotiated procedure in which the purchaser and the supplier were able to interactively advance the project and develop its contents.

Project Manager Juhani Asiainen from Toholammin Energia believes that the negotiated procedure enabled reaching a better outcome compared to the option of having prepared detailed equipment specifications with a consultant and requesting tenders based on that.

"In that event, we would have had to prepare our plan based on a specific solution model, which would basically have excluded all alternative solutions. The negotiated procedure allowed us to reflect upon the implementation in significantly broader terms."

Did the negotiated procedure help the companies consider new innovations and solutions, then?

"In my opinion, there was true development. The companies had previous experience in the negotiated procedure, but I was left under the impression that this was all new to some of the tenderers. Getting started was a bit difficult, but the companies soon got the gist of the procedure. The best benefit was that we were able to negotiate and further develop the solution model together with the suppliers", Asiainen summarises.

Plant to use a versatile fuel selection

The competitive tendering was won by Vapor Finland Oy, which will supply a turnkey solution including the boiler plant process, fuel processing equipment and electricity production unit for the power plant. Toholammin Energia has had the required foundations laid and soil work done through a separate project.

New technology applied in the project will include the hot oil application of a fluidised-bed boiler, the ORC plant and the fuel terminal drying equipment. The hot oil boiler solution will increase the use of local renewable fuel to a significant extent and bring flexibility to the fuel selection of the plant.

"Modern fluidised-bed combustion enables a versatile fuel selection, high efficiency, as well as low emissions and life cycle costs. The fuel used in the hot oil boiler will include woodchips, sawdust, bark and peat. The share of wood-based fuel will be approximately 80% and 20% that of peat", says Asiainen.

In the boiler type to be used in the power plant in Toholampi, the traditional water circulation has been replaced with hot oil circulation, in which the temperature exceeds 300 degrees. The thermal energy stored in hot oil will be converted into electricity in an electricity production unit manufactured by the Italian-based Turboden. In this assembly, the turbine and generator in the unit have been coupled to each other energy-efficiently without a gearing.

In addition to electricity and district heating, the plant will produce process energy for local use once completed. The auxiliary equipment related to the plant, such as fuel intake and supply devices, combustion gas purification and ash removal represent traditional high-quality power plant construction.

The Ministry of Employment and the Economy granted approximately EUR 3 million of energy support for the construction of the power plant.

Further information

Juhani Asiainen
Project Manager
Toholammin Energia Oy
Tel. +358 50 554 7126
juhani.asiainen (at)

Text: Teonsana Oy


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