Nordic Simulators: Providing patient simulators with correct treatment in real facilities

Nordic Simulators designs and constructs comprehensive health care simulation centres, in which doctors, nurses and medical students can practice real-life situations.

The sessions are carried out using standard hospital equipment and they are recorded for debriefing in the simulation room. The tetherless patient simulators used in the system have been manufactured by the American company Gaumard. They are the most advanced of their kind and allow the simulation of health care situations involving patients of different ages.

The system supplied by Nordic Simulators comes with the recording equipment, command speakers for the training facility and background noise systems ensuring authentic acoustic environments. The training coordinator can make the session more real by adding noise typical of accident sites or shouts coming from the adjoining patient room using a tablet computer.

Nordic Simulators is the only manufacturer that is able to supply simulation packages that are tailored to customers’ requirements and that the customers are able to install themselves. Well-thought-out design also means an easier installation process. The system can be made operational in a day.

The users of the simulation rooms manufactured by Nordic Simulators include the Centre for Military Medicine of the Finnish Defence Forces, Oulu University of Applied Sciences and the University of Oulu (which have the system for joint use) and the Anglia Ruskin University, the biggest university in eastern England. The company is aiming for export markets, with operators in Saudi Arabia and Brazil as the next customers.

Tekes has funded Nordic Simulators' R&D&I.

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