Magisso: Unique products create design company's strong growth

The products of Magisso Ltd stand out in the market with their innovativeness, diversity and functionality. The products also have a longer life cycle than most design products.

“Magisso was established in 2008 to produce a magnetic kitchen cloth holder. We noticed that Finland has no companies focused on design products, and our aim was to create a company to serve as a bridge between great product ideas and international markets. After four years, we export to approximately 30 countries, and over 50 % of our turnover derives from export,” tells Juhani Sirén, CEO of Magisso Ltd.

Magisso does not employ its own designers, but anyone can offer their product ideas. The networked method in international markets also creates new ideas and consumer wishes.

“The product development process of an idea is slow and takes time. The development of a simple and well-functioning product takes dozens or even hundreds of hours before all the small details are in order. Our designer collective is responsible for developing and shaping the products.”

Creation of phenomenal products continues

According to our experienced international customers, Magisso provides phenomenal and unique products that they have never seen before.

“Our product range is expanding all the time, which is also demanded by our international customers. The direction may shift from kitchen products to solving other household problems”.

Magisso has been part of Tekes' Young innovative growth company programme.

“Tekes has sparred with us, for example, in setting objectives and reaching them. With the help of Tekes funding, we have participated in several international fairs – they are an important way of networking and reaching international retailers and importers”.

The products of Magisso won 2012 Good Design -award.

Further information

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Magisso Ltd
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Author: Teonsana
Picture: Magisso Ltd