Clean Solutions Finland: Ecological detergent line rides on the crest of a global trend

The detergent line, which has been granted the Swan eco-label, has been available in grocery stores since August 2012. In the product development stage, particular attention was focused on both the consistency and fragrances of the detergents, as well as their packaging, name and look.

”Our aim was to create a detergent range that stands out by being ecological and Finnish. This is why we paid particular attention on the packaging, look and name of the line, as well as product consistency and the selection of fragrances”, explains Yvonne Peltola , Managing Director of the Pori-based Clean Solutions Finland.

The product labels of the line provide information for the visually impaired in Braille – a first in Finland as regards detergents. The detergent consistency, and not only the labels, varies according to the intended use. 

The Finnishness of the product is emphasised by product names that were inspired by the national epic Kalevala.

From industrial to consumer products

The development of the new series was spurred on by a trend and demand for ecological detergents. Experience in industrial detergents going back to the 1980s was a sound foundation for the R&D efforts.
”Our aim is to get as wide a coverage as possible for the sales of this line all over Finland. At the moment, it is available from grocery stores with a good selection. We have also launched marketing efforts in Russia, and we are interested in improving the hygiene levels of households in developing countries and emerging economies.”

The company intends to find its way to the international market by offering production technology and equipment for ECO detergents.

”The preliminary globalisation study that we completed with Tekes helped us avoid many pitfalls and persuaded us to start from the domestic market. Strong expertise in chemistry was vital in order to develop our products, and Tekes funding made it possible for us to have resources to it.”

For more information

Yvonne Peltola, Managing Director
Clean Solutions Finland
Tel. +358 2 632 4170

Text: Teonsana Oy
Translation: PasaNet Oy
Photo: Clean Solutions Finland Kb