City of Porvoo: Porvoo's new energy-efficient day care centres as life cycle implementation

The City of Porvoo wanted to clear away the shortcomings linked with its day care facilities at one go. The city's three newest day care centres have been set up with the help of the life cycle model. This has made it possible to get innovative, functional, high-quality, and ecologically efficient day care centres containing new solutions, with maintenance services included. Day care centres have not been established in Finland as life cycle projects before.

According to its strategy, Porvoo ascertains the life cycle costs and alternate implementation and ownership models before making large investments involving new construction or repairs. It was decided that the new day care centres would be implemented using the life cycle model. It is a procurement model in which a collaborative partner in the private sector chosen through competitive bidding sets up the day care centre in a new kind of long-term partnership project.

Energy efficiency was in a significant role throughout the whole life cycle project. The total level of annual energy consumption for the projects was set in the call for bids, and the bidders were expected to provide energy certificates to verify the energy consumption figures that they put forward in their bids. The choice of heating systems was left up to the bidder, with one exception: direct electric heating was not permissible.

Porvoo got a total of six bids, based mainly on terrestrial heat because of the free energy that it brings.

The competition was won by YIT, which is now responsible for the planning, construction, energy solutions, building maintenance services, cleaning, and energy solutions of the Ylä-Haikko, Omenatarha, and Jokilaakso day care centres for 20 years.

According to YIT, the energy efficiency demands set by the City of Porvoo will be implemented in the life cycle day care centres through planning and technical solutions. Thanks to structural solutions, floor heating, the combination of terrestrial heat and solar collectors, the use of LED technology and movement sensors in lighting, and ventilation based on the presence of people, and other measures, the day care centres will almost be in the class of passive energy use.

Construction work began in the autumn of 2011, and the Ylä-Haikko day care centre was completed in the summer of 2012. The Omenatarha day care centre is scheduled for completion by the end of 2012, and the Jokilaakso day care centre will be finished in August 2013.

New alternative for acquisition of facilities

"Through the development project we got a new option for the city's acquisition of space. The experiences that we had are an incentive to use the same model in future construction projects as well", says Börje Boström, Director of Municipal Premises for the City of Porvoo.

"The involvement of the users from the very beginning of the planning proved to be an important and successful move. It is also a good idea to use outside experts – at least the first time."

After the procurement process, Borström was left with a "good feeling", even though, on the basis of the experience, the competitive negotiation method is, surprisingly, quite long, burdensome, and expensive for both the buyer and the contractor.

"In spite of the challenges, we managed to reach the project's finish line on schedule. We are ready to embark on the same kind of implementation model in the future if the right kinds of projects emerge."

Taking part in the project are the main contractor YIT Rakennus, and the building technology contractor was YIT Kiinteistötekniikka, which is also responsible for maintenance. The main planning work and architecture were by Eduarch Oy.

Further information

Börje Boström
Manager of Premises
City of Porvoo
tel. +358 40 580 4131
borje.bostrom (at)

Text: Teonsana Communications
Picture: Antti Hahl


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