Carbodeon Oy: Better heat conductivity extends equipment lifespan

A specialist in nanodiamonds, Carbodeon Oy has developed new plastic composites that enable the utilization of more effective circuit boards and other electric components. Diamonds are an ideal filler because their thermal conductivity is high but their electrical conductivity is low.

"We began actively to develop new nanodiamond applications when we realised the great size of the market for plastic composites that conduct heat effectively. Widespread demand offers major business opportunities," says Vesa Myllymäki, CTO of Carbodeon Oy.

Among producers of nanodiamonds, Carbodeon is the only one developing new, optimized grades and their new applications, as well.

Helping the electric car breakthrough

Carbodeon claims that the thermal conductivity of certain plastic composites can be improved from dozens of percents many times over. New blends can make electronic components more efficient but also light and inexpensive.

"Nanodiamond plastic composites will also speed up the adoption of electric and hybrid cars because replacing many components with plastic will help to cut automobile weight even as power is increased. Longer equipment lifespan is a must in automobile production."

Carbodeon has customers among Asian electronic producers, especially in Japan. With the new sol and the clientele is expanding to the automobile industry.

"The business prospects for nanodiamonds are enormous. Annual demand is expected to rise to ten times the current annual global output of 20,000 kilos.

"Without Tekes it would have been impossible to implement such a large project, because the Tekes financing also helped us to get funding from international financial markets. In general, you could say that Tekes gives a competitive edge to Finnish growth companies when they are seeking finance from international investors for development projects. The Functional Materials Programme allowed us the opportunity to present our company alongside others at international events, providing visibility and networking opportunities."

More information

CTO Vesa Myllymäki
Carbodeon Oy
tel. +358 50 567 8828
vesa.myllymaki (at)

Author: Teonsana Oy
Photo: Carbodeon Oy


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