Blancco: Steady growth with data erasure

Joensuu-based Blancco created a global recipe for success with data erasure, and its growth is still continuing.

Blancco, which was founded in 1997, has grown steadily over the past 7 to 8 years, at a pace of 30% each year, and has a gained a position as a world market leader.  The company's competitors are predominantly from the United States, but Blancco sets itself apart with a larger product palette, including support for all mobile platforms and data erasure solutions for entire server farms.

Blancco’s products are the world’s best certified, and the company’s clients, such as NATO, the United States Department of Defense, as well as the United Kingdom’s, Germany’s, Sweden’s and Poland’s defence organisations demand extremely high data security standards. The European Parliament and database giant Oracle also use Blancco’s solutions.

“Tekes has funded us from the very start; there would be no Blancco without Tekes”, CEO Kim Väisänen says.

The company has participated in the Global Access Program (GAP) twice. GAP is a program in which Tekes’ client companies develop their international business operations with MBA students from world-class university UCLA.

“GAP has been a valuable experience. It helped us understand that our initial franchising strategy in the United States was wrong, and we were able to replace it with a joint venture company. So began our growth in the United States.”

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Photo: Markus Sommers 

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