Actiw Oy: Visualising automated warehouse using 3D animation

The 3D animations presented during tendering make it easier for customers to make the purchasing decision. ROI calculations based on customers’ figures enhance the reliability of the supplier. Pieksämäki-based Actiw Oy makes use of modern sales tools on international markets.

Actiw Oy supplies automated warehousing, load forming and loading systems for customers on global markets where it is competing with large international companies.

“We have developed sales tools that help us to boost our credibility in the eyes of our customers. Among the tools we use is a model that simulates and visualises the system that the customer is purchasing – whether it’s a question of warehouse or loading automation. An automated warehouse is a big investment and the customer may have doubts about its profitability. For this reason, we have a model that calculates and verifies the time required for repaying the investment. We are able determine the soundness of the investment using the customer’s own figures,” explains Reijo Viinonen, Managing Director of Actiw Oy.

Convincing international customers

“We have supplied Coca Cola in Norway with an automated warehouse, which has the size of a football field and has space for 20,000 pallets. We are also in the process of supplying a large loading automation system to the United Arab Emirates. The new tools are very important for our business when we aim for growth on the international markets.”

The competitiveness of Actiw’s warehouse automation systems is based on flexibility and high pallet and handling capacity. The life-cycle costs of the systems are also comparable with the costs of the systems offered by competitors.

“Our systems can be installed in existing premises with different layouts. The fact that we are able to double or triple the capacity of a manual warehouse located in the same space is our strength. This means that a ‘green field’ warehouse, which would push the overall costs of the investment much higher, is rarely needed.”

“Our automated warehousing systems do not require any changes in the loading area, such as different types of conveyor solutions. Automating handling of goods makes loading safer and more efficient. We don’t sell our customers equipment but added value generated by our systems.”

“Tekes funding helped us to speed up our product development project, which would otherwise have been implemented in a smaller scale. Funding had an impact on all areas of the project, including cooperation with research institutes,” concludes Reijo Viinonen.

Further information

Reijo Viinonen
Actiw Oy
tel. +358 (0)40 743 9999

Text: Pirjo Rötkönen