Summer trip

Welcome to 2045! The Finn family is travelling around Finland in July. Read the weekly travelogue and consider whether the trip is absolute utopia or already possible in 2014. Participate in the story by commenting on what your future innovation would be.

Resource efficiency and the bioeconomy

The Finns continue their trip from Tampere to Joensuu. The family has decided to go to Koli to pick cloudberries. They make the trip on a solar bus that gets its energy from road panels. On the bus Grandma uses her smart glasses to find where the ripest and most cloudberries can be found. "According to this application, there should also be plenty of mushrooms nearby."

The family arrives at the best patch of cloudberries. A couple of biodegradable sensors that provide information about the environment are roaming around in the terrain. Son Noel shouts from a bush: "Come and look! What in the world is this? It looks just like a bottle but what's that strange material?" Grandpa explains that it's a soda bottle made from plastic. "Let's take it with us. We can recycle the carbon in it."

After the baskets are filled with berries, Father uses the Unter transport service to find a ride to Joensuu. There are several options and the Finns choose a domestic wooden car. While the family is waiting for the car, it begins to drizzle. Their clothing reacts to the rain and becomes waterproof. As the car drives from Koli to the motorway, the Finns pass a resource farm where windscreens are grown.

The city is busy because of the traditional cellulose fashion weeks. The hotels are full of people from the clothing industry, so daughter Mea uses the Upbnb service to book accommodation from a local retired couple. While making the reservation, she also finds the nearest resource bakery with the map application on her smart glasses: "There we can use the berries we picked and the carbon in the soda bottle to make a cloudberry pie."

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