Summer trip

The Finn family is taking a summer trip in 2045. Read these stories about innovative cities and consider whether the trip is absolute utopia or already possible in 2014.

The Finn family's summer trip is aimed at highlighting the opportunities of the future. The topics of the stories illustrate Tekes thematic focus areas that have great potential for renewal and creating new business. Many of the issues encountered by the Finn family are already part of forerunners' projects and business funded by Tekes.

The summer competition to inspire future innovations has ended. The winners of VR giftcards are: Miika Sipilä, Martta Ruohomaa, Lotta Vidman, Saara Kaurala and Raimo Tuisku. Congratulations!

The family's adventures will take them to the following cities:

Tampere – Smart city
Joensuu – Resource efficiency and the bioeconomy
Pori – Health technology and cyber security
Enontekiö – Renewing work
Helsinki – Internationalisation


The Finn family's travel agency, Tekes Future Travel

Joel Karlsson, Sustainable economy
Eero Aalto, Marketing and communications
Iina Sankala, Smart living
Hanna Vartia, Vitality of people
Anne Luoma, Marketing and communications

Pictures: Ellun Kanat