Smart&Green Growth


There is a need on the market to replace fossil or otherwise environmentally damaging raw materials with renewable and sustainably produced materials. This is providing market opportunities to produce more valuable products and services from biomass and side streams. Digitalisation and the circular economy are also changing business models in the area. All these trends are driving Finnish companies to change their views on raw-material based development and to shift towards new products with high customer value.

The implementation of sustainable solutions requires a broad international network, ranging from raw material producers to the end-users and consumers of products. Network-based activities are fostering the emergence of new international business opportunities. A business ecosystem that provides partners and opportunities for continuous renewal is a key to future competitiveness.

The BioNets programme is being implemented in cooperation with Team Finland.


The aim of the BioNets programme is to generate for Finland's bio and circular economy

  • innovative and international business ecosystems
  • new business development platforms
  • new bioeconomy actors via digitalisation and the circular economy and
  • pilot and demo projects

The goal is to pilot solutions at an early stage together with customers. What networks are needed to get your solution into the international markets?

The programme has included a call for applications, which has now ended: Key bioeconomy business projects and ecosystems (only in Finnish). The call for applications for the second phase will begin in the spring. Follow our website.

Ecosystems in progress

Contact information

Tuula Savola
Programme Manager
new bioproducts, circular economy, energy, development of ecosystems
tel. +358 2950 55667

Heikki Aro
Senior Adviser
agrotechnology and food products, digitalisation, development of ecosystems
tel. +358 2950 36150

Inkeri Huttu
Senior Adviser
forest and chemical industry startups, new processes and products
(on assignment to Finpro until 17 June 2016)
tel. +358 2950 55883

Veli-Pekka Ihanus
Senior Adviser
tel. +358 2950 26055

Outi Suomi
Senior Advicer, SMEs
EU Horizon 2020 -programme, bioeconomy
tel. +358 2950 55699

Erja Ämmälahti
Senior Adviser
forest and chemical industry, circular economy, SMEs, ecosystem development
tel. +358 2950 55422