Innovation research

Innovation research

Research that serves the innovation environment, also known as innovation research, produces topical analyses of how innovations emerge and how they change business life and society.

Innovation research has analysed many important phenomena relating to the changing nature of innovation, new technological opportunities and challenges, growth of companies and sectors, intangible assets and globalisation.

Tekes provides funding for innovation research thematic calls. Topical themes are identified in co-operation with stakeholder groups, researchers and international experts.

Visibly for your research project

The Project Gallery is an illustrative, map-form presentation of publically-funded research and development projects in Finland and the organisations participating in them. The Gallery presents research projects funded by Tekes and other public funders in a single view. The gallery also provides you with more information about innovation research projects.


  Intangibles, value creation and policy - Theme for 2012

  System-level changes and innovation - Theme for 2011

  Demand and user orientation - Theme for 2010


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