Programme offers

  • Funding
  • Seminars and workshops
  • Surveys from Finland and abroad

How to participate in the Ubicom programme?

The programme offers a support network and government grants and loan funding for industry development projects for Finnish companies and research units. Finnish Ubicom programme participants can also participate in the international projects. Participating businesses must have a strong commitment to the development of their enterprise.

The programme provides funding for business-driven projects - business or business group seeking funding for their own research and development projects, the focus must be appropriate to the programme content and goals.

Further information
Jari Ikonen, Hermia Ltd, Programme Coordinator
jari.ikonen(at)hermia.fi, tel. +358 500 456 636

Kimmo Ahola, Tekes, Programme Manager
kimmo.ahola(at)tekes.fi, tel. +358 10 60 55756

ARTEMIS and Ubicom

ARTEMIS (Advanced Research and Technology for Embedded Intelligence and Systems) is a programme for the development of embedded systems in Europe. Industry, the EU, member states and other participants have prepared to invest 2,7 billion euros in the Artemis Programme for industry-driven R&D.

ARTEMIS has equally important forums and networking spaces for industry too. The programme brings together industry and research, large and small companies with the aim of enhancing Europe’s sectoral competitiveness.

In Finland, ARTEMIS development activities are done by the Tekes Ubicom Programme. Project funding comes from Ubicom, via EU funds earmarked for ARTEMIS participants and from the programme participants themselves.

ARTEMIS’s foremost strengths and advantages are the evaluation of projects directly linked to industry, variety, funding and the follow-up of the projects.

The content of the projects and their achievements are reported to the ARTEMIS Joint Undertaking and the financial reporting in Finland is made to Tekes. Finland’s contact point for the ARTEMIS Programme is Tekes’ leading technology adviser Kari Markus, kari.markus(at)tekes.fi. See Contact.

The Ubicom Programme works in close cooperation with the ITEA 2 Cluster, leading US and Japanese research organisations and the ARTEMIS Programme in order to further the development of software-intensive systems.