Functional Materials

Seminar materials 2013


Functional Materials Four Seasons - WINTER

11.12.2013, Circus, Helsinki

The Functional Materials Four Seasons seminar series culminated with the 4th part WINTER in December. This event arranged together with the Academy of Finland (Programmable materials) was also the Final Seminar of the Tekes Functional Materials programme reviewing the key results achieved and discussing the focus and role of materials research in Finland.

A special session and exhibition focusing on “Coatings & manufacturing” showcased highlights regarding the theme. Exciting keynote speakers: Prof. Nasser Peyghambarian (holographic telepresence), Paul Kallmes (Strategic IP Management) and Kivi Sotamaa (Design & 3D manufacturing), a bunch of fresh result highlights from science and industry and a multi-disciplinary audience made event THE EVENT in the field.

Check out the presentation material here


FALL/Advanced materials and biomedical applications

September 3, Restaurant Palace + Embassy of the United States

The third event (AUTUMN) highlighted fresh R&D results on Biomedical materials science and Advanced materials. The event aimed to foster Finland-USA cooperation and was arranged together with the Embassy of the United States. The seminar part took take place in Restaurant Palace and the Reception (+ poster & networking session) was hosted by the Embassy at their brand new Innovation Center.

“Finland is fast-becoming the epicenter of the New North – it is the place to do business in the region, including into the markets of northwestern Russia. The cooperation between Tekes, the U.S. Embassy, and the Akron biobridge program is a prime example of the opportunities available to Finnish and American companies in Finland and the region.  Finland plays a leadership role in new technologies and is a great location for research and development.  The U.S. Embassy Innovation Center is a concrete example of the strength of the U.S.-Finnish relationship, and is the greenest embassy building in the world.  We are proud to share this venue with Tekes as a platform for networking and sharing information on the technologies of the 21st century", says Bruce Oreck, the US Ambassador to Finland.
This seminar combined the expertise of advanced materials science and medical devices, with state-of-the art and emerging knowledge of biological components for generating new scientific knowledge, product ideas and business cases.

The event showed high level scientific presentations as well as practical tools for generating new businesses between Finland and USA.

Please see the presentation material here
Read the press release of the event here (in Finnish)


SUMMER / BIOMATERIALS - Towards Industrial Applications
22.5.2013, Startup Sauna, Otaniemi

Osana Toiminnalliset materiaalit -ohjelman viimeisen vuoden Functional Materials Four Seasons –tapahtumasarjaa toukokuussa järjestettiin KESÄ / Biomateraalit –seminaari.

Teemana oli biopohjaiset materiaalit (biobased materials), niiden teollistaminen ja hyödyntäminen laajasti uusissa sovelluksissa. Esillä oli tuoreita tutkimustyön hedelmiä sekä yliopistoista että yrityksistä. Nämä tarjoiltiin lyhyinä esityksinä ja ennen muuta konkreettisina demoina. Tilaisuus järjestettiin yhdessä Aalto-yliopiston ja VTT:n kanssa.

Ohjelmassa oli valittuja herkkupaloja mm. Toiminnalliset materiaalit-ohjelman, NASEVA-projektin (Aalto, VTT), FIBICin Future Biorefinery-ohjelman tuloksista. Demosessiossamme oli konkreettisesti esillä paljon mielenkiintoista tarjottavaa moniin sovelluksiin - pakkaukset, rakentaminen, huonekalut, kuluttajatuotteeet, elektroniikka, biolääketiede ym.

Kutsuttuna puhujana oli prof. Mohini Sain Toronton yliopistosta, joka toi omalta osaltaan käytännön esimerkkejä biomateriaalien teollisista sovelluksista ja tutkimustulosten kaupallistamisesta. Lue Prof. Mohini Sainin mini-biografia täältä

Katso tapahtuman esitysmateriaali täältä

Lue tapahtuman lehdistötiedote täältä


Solar energy seminar
, Helsinki, 11.2.2013

The Solar energy seminar arranged together with Tekes Groove Programme was full of sunshine and gathered together 250 experts in the fields of solar energy, materials and construction. The event provided a keynote speech from Prof. Wim Sinke, Energy Research Centre of the Netherlands, company views by Dr. Petra Lundström, Fortum and several other key players, a set of recent research highlights regarding solar energy, batteries and capacitors, as well as case examples and discussion on the needs & opportunities for built environments. The event ended with an active networking session around 30 demos and posters.

Please check out the presentation material here

A draft of Solar energy catalogue was also published in the event. The catalogue provides information about organizations active in the field of solar energy so that different players can find each other more easily. Information is provided about organizations active both on the supply side (solar energy solution and service providers) and demand side (cities, construction contractors, real estate owners) as well as on research teams at universities and research centers.

Please find the draft of the catalogue here


Seminar materials 2012

Scientific Day for young researchers, October 9-10 2012

FM Programme arranged a seminar for young researchers in Jyväskylä where they visited the Nanoscience Days and Tekniikka 2012 exhibition. In addition, scientists presented their newest results via presentations and posters in a mini seminar which was open for public. The best poster prize was awarded to Yuliya Kozulina from Smart Active Materials project.

Program of the seminar

Check out the poster abstracts here


Functional Materials Delegation trip to Tokyo, September 2012

“Bringing Printed Intelligence “From Roll to Business”


Promote key offering of Finnish companies and research groups on Printed Intelligence and Photonics to build new R&D and business relations and boost new business opportunities with key stakeholders in Japan

Three important events
• Printed Intelligence & Photonics Workshop 5.9.2012
• ICFPE, 6.-8.9.2012
• Reception at Finnish Embassy with Prime Minister 3.9.2012

Printed Intelligence & Photonics Workshop
– Building Finnish-Japanese Business and R&D Co-operation

Date: September 5th, 2012 at 12:30-18:30; Venue: Hotel Forest Hongo, Tokyo
6-16-4 Hongo, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, JAPAN,

Key offering of Finnish companies and research organizations on show - Selected Japanese participants
Short presentations + networking around demos, posters and refreshments


Opening session:

Tekes Functional Materials Programme - Bringing Printed Intelligence from Research to Business,
Dr. Markku Heino,  Spinverse Ltd.

• Tekes role in incubation of new innovative industries, Dr. Markku Lämsä

• VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland – world class R&D services in electronics,
Mr. Juha Palve,

• PrintoCent Pilot Factory – From roll to products Prof. Harri Kopola,
ICFPE presentation by Harri Kopola

Company presentations:

•  Beneq, Dr. Mikko Söderlund,
 Flexible thin-film moisture barriers by atomic layer deposition technology

• Canatu , Dr. Erkki Soininen,  
Transparent, Flexible, Stretchable and Formable Electronic Components from NanoBud Films Made by Direct DryPrinting

• Iscent, Dr. Jaakko Raukola,
Printable holographic-like film technology for plastic-based and fibre-based packages 

• Picodeon, Coldab thin-film coating technology, Nicanite Carbon Nitride coatings and their applications, Mr. Ville Kekkonen,

• Photonics Finland Cluster, Mr. Juha Purmonen, Finnish Nanotechnology Cluster Programme

• Nanocomp, Dr. Veli-Pekka Leppänen
Micro and nano photonic products by roll-to-roll technology,

• Okmetic, Advanced silicon substrates for new applications, Markku Tilli, Senior VP,   

Research organizations pitch talks: 
Åbo Akademi /Prof. R. Österbacka & Prof. J. Peltonen (ICFPE presentation)
Tampere Univ. of Techn./Dr. M. Mäntysalo
Lappeenranta Univ. of Techn./Prof. D. Cameron
Oulu Univ./T. Fabritius


International Conference on Flexible and Printed Electronics

September 6-8, 2012, Tokyo, Japan,

Functional Materials Programme hosted a specific session #24."Printed Intelligence from Roll-to-products" chaired by Dr. Markku Heino, Spinverse (vice chair Mitsuru Niwano, Tekes, Japan).

The conference gathered more than 1000 participants from research and industry to discuss all the aspects of science, technology, and business in the fields of printed and flexible electronics (FPE) and to review emerging applications that will directly benefit from mechanical flexibility and printed processes such as transistors, photonic devices, solar cells, batteries, displays, RFID, sensors, and many others. ICFPE will bring together key persons from all over the world and from every sector of academy and industry in the fields of flexible and printed electronics.

Our session highlighted the recent advances on Printed Intelligence in Finland focusing on cost and energy efficient roll-to-roll processing, advanced materials and emerging applications. Four key companies (Canatu, Beneq, Iscent, Nanocomp) presented their offering regarding novel carbon-based thin films for touch screens, new barrier coatings and process solutions for electronics and solar energy, smart packaging applications, and diffractive optics. The invited presentations from VTT/PrintoCent and Åbo Akademi/FunMat research center extended the view towards future applications.

Team Finland had high visibility through our own session (#24. Printed intelligence – From roll to products) + several posters + stands (VTT, Beneq, Iscent&SaimaFlex). Mikko Nelo from University of Oulu received an award for best poster with 14 other young scientists.

Functional Materials Summer Festival 2012

 29.-30.5.2012, Finlandia Hall, Helsinki

See the event material, including presentations and abstracts, here

The video presentations of Vivoxid, Matox, Aurubis Nordic Solar and Canatu can be found here

The active two-day Annual Seminar of the Functional Materials Programme gathered together 250 experts and presented a bunch of new exciting results both from companies and research projects. The seminar provided an excellent forum for networking and building new connections.

Three keynote lectures by Prof. M. Becker (University of Akron, USA), Senior Fellow Dr. Y. Ukyo (Toyota Central R&D Labs, Japan) and Prof. O. Ikkala (Aalto University) extended the discussion towards future needs and opportunities for materials science and technology.

Day 1 (Impact Day) disseminated the final results of 12 Functional Materials projects ending in 2012 through short presentations and a Results Market Place (poster session). The award for the best result was given to Technology platform for printed electronic sensors –project coordinated by Prof. Jouko Peltonen.

Day 2 extended the scope to four thematic sessions each having short and sharp presentations of three companies and two university driven projects.

•    Biobased new materials and applications
•    Surfaces & Coatings
•    Renewable energy applications
•    Printed intelligence

Networking and deeper discussions face-to-face were provided at the exhibition space around concrete results & demos at 20 booths by companies & about 40 scientific posters with latest research results. The exhibitors included Adaptamat, Akkuser, Aurubis, Beneq, Bionavis, Canatu, European Batteries, Iscent, Onbone, Ozics, PolarSol, Savo-Solar, Silvergreen, UPM – Fibril Cellulose, UPM –Grada, VTT/PrintoCent + Aalto Design Factory and “LCA Clinic” by SYKE. Cosy atmosphere for inspiring the discussions was guaranteed by our light “wine & dine buffet” and live blues music by the Blues Bastards.

See the program here


Kick-off day 07.03.2012

Workshop järjestettiin Toiminnalliset materiaalit -ohjelman kevään alkaville projekteille 07.03.2012 Messukeskuksessa. Tapahtumassa tarkoituksena oli ottaa projektit mukaan ohjelmaan ja antaa eväitä projektien käynnistämiseksi. Tilaisuus oli avoin kaikille halukkaille.

Päivän ohjelma

Welcome and instructions for projects, Markku Lämsä, Programme manager, Tekes

What is Functional Materials Programme? Markku Heino, Programme coordinator, Spinverse Ltd.

Introduction of projects:

Printed supercapacitors, Jari Keskinen, VTT

Printed activity and movement sensors, Tapio Fabritius, University of Oulu

Novel electrode fabrication methods for lithium ion battery, Prof. Maarit Karppinen, Aalto University

Commercialization of green, bio-based galvanic skin treatment patch for personal well-being markets, Anu Vaari, VTT

Advanced dilute nitride technology for high brightness lasers, Prof. Mircea Guina, Tampere University of Technology

Seminar Materials 2010-2011

Scientific Day for young researchers

8.-9.11.2011, Tallinn

20 young researchers from different projects of the Functional Materials programme were brought together in this multidiscpiplinary event. On the first day researchers presented their research areas and fresh results via presentations and posters: the best poster was awarded to Arto Aho (Solar III-V project). Next day the delegation visited Tallinn university of technology to learn about the photovoltaics research in the department of Material Science led by prof. Enn Mellikov and commercialisation of the research through the spin-off company CrystalSol. Please read a review of the seminar form a researcher point of view here!

Program of the seminar

Check out the poster topics here!

Workshop on "Printed Intelligence – Towards Applications"

Helsinki Fair Centre, 3.10.2011

The workshop brought together the key companies and research groups aiming for application driven R&D efforts on Printed Intelligence – and a multidisciplinary audience of altogether 100 experts either already active in the field or interested in entering. The programme included brief presentations of 12 companies and 5 research groups reflecting their current/future needs and key offering. Active discussions in the poster & demo session boosted networking and building of application-driven cooperation activities. We expect in particular new target-oriented industry driven projects to be initiated in parallel to research consortia projects.

Application related opportunities and challenges were discussed especially regarding smart packaging (Stora Enso), diagnostics (Orion Diagnostica), wellness monitoring (Polar) and user interfaces (Screentec). BASF, Canatu, Beneq and Carbodeon in turn presented interesting material and process solutions which enable new applications possibilities. Three fresh start-up companies dedicated to the field were on stage: Dropaim (computer vision controlled manufacturing system), Iscent (holographic films) and Global Innovation Networks (automatic diagnostics manufacturing).

Strong competence has been built in Finland regarding printed intelligence in several universities and VTT, which has today excellent pilot-scale manufacturing facilities. Now it is time to take the next steps towards applications and business. This needs focused activities, good cooperation and committed industry involvement. We encourage proof-of-concept type development and business-oriented mind-set to boost commercialization of the research results. The Functional Materials programme helps the Finnish players in partnering closely together and forming an active competence cluster as well as building purposeful international cooperation, both on research and business base.

Workshop: Program


"Functional Materials Programme: Materials, Processes, Applications and Business", Markku Heino, Programme Coordinator, Spinverse
"Focus of Funding Call 2011", Markku Lämsä, Programme Manager, Tekes
"Printed Intelligence from Research to Industrialization", Prof. Harri Kopola VTT

Company Presentations

"Intelligence in Packaging", Dr. Juha Maijala, Stora Enso 
"Printed Smartness for Hygiene Monitoring"  Juhani Luotola, Senior Technology Manager, Orion
"Needs of Printed Intelligence in Personal Fitness Monitoring", Jukka Jaatinen, Director, Polar
 "SoftBattery Powering the Printed Electronics", Risto Huvila, COO, Enfucell 
"Carbon Nanomaterial Films for Thermoformable Electronics" , David Brown, CEO, Canatu
"Atomic layer Deposition for Flexible Substrates", Tapani Alasaarela, Application Engineer, Beneq
"High Refractive Index Films of Carbon Nitride", Jukka Häyrynen, CEO, Picodeon

Research offering

"From component development to device demonstrators in printed functionality", Prof. Jouko Peltonen, Åbo Akademi
"Devices, Circuits and System Integration in Printable and Organic Electronics", Prof. Donald Lupo, Tampere University of Technology
"High Quality Thin Film Field Effect Transistors (TFT-FET) from Carbon Nanotubes",  Prof. Esko Kauppinen, Aalto University
"Movement Sensors by Printing Technologies", Dr. Tapio Fabritius, University of Oulu

Industry needs (new companies)

"On-line Pattern Generation solving alignment (and wetting) problems", Risto Rönkkä, Chairman, Dropaim
"Light Scattering films by Surface modification", Jaakko Raukola, CEO, Iscent Oy
"Products and Functional Components from Flexible Substrates" Antti Tauriainen, Vice President, Screentec
"Automated Assembly and Manufacturing in Diagnostics", Matti Koivu, Vice President, Global Innovation Networks

Impact Day brought up fresh research results
18.05.2011, Otaniemi

The workshop disseminated the final results of 10 Functional Materials projects ending in 2011 through short presentations and a Results Market Place (poster session). The event gathered together 70 active participants to listen and discuss the results with the common aim to share information, make new connections and prepare to bring the results towards new applications. The audience elected Nanocom project (Kari Kannus, TUT) as the best result and ALEBOND (Riikka Puurunen, VTT) as the best presentation. The project Nanorata was also acknowledged as being the second in both competitions. In addition, the Finnish Academy informed about a new programme called Programmable Materials starting in September 2011.

For further information about the results of the projects, please contact the presenter/project manager (e-mail on the abstract) or markku.heino(at)

Impact Day: Program

Introduction (Markku Lämsä)

“New materials for next generation antennas" (Antti Helminen, Premix Oy)

“Solar thermal collector development” (Jari Varjotie, Savo-Solar Oy)

Programmable Materials - A new research programme of Academy of Finland (Heli Jantunen)

Conclusion (Markku Heino)

Project abstracts

Project presentations:

“Active Nanocomposite Materials”, Dr. Anna Lähde , Active Nanocomposite Materials (ActCom)

“Control of wetting properties of paper and paperboard by flame generated nanoparticles”, Mikko Tuominen, Liquid flame spray nanocoating for flexible roll-to-roll web materials (Nanorata)

“Life cycle methods supporting environmental management in companies”, M.Sc. Sirkka Koskela, Life Cycle Assessment Framework and Tools for Finnish Companies (FINLCA)

“Printable avidin surfaces”, Docent Vesa Hytönen, Printable biosensor surface (BioFace)

"Novel electrically insulating polymer nanocomposites and their dielectric properties”, Docent Kari Kannus, Novel methods to formulate polymer nanocomposites and tailor their dielectric properties (Nanocom)

“Modelling and simulation of wear resistance of composite thermal sprayed coatings”,
Dr. Anssi Laukkanen, Model Based Tribologically Optimised Multimaterial Coated Surfaces

Presentation material


Final report of the Functional Materials programme (pdf)

Programme presentation material (pdf) 

Programme Brochure - Key themes and result highlights 2011 (pdf)

Functional Materials Programme proudly presents: “Stories from the future” (YouTube)

Selected project results

Coating manufacturer ready to grow, Beneq Oy

Result videos of 2012: Vivoxid, Matox, Aurubis Nordic Solar and Canatu

Better heat conductivity extends equipment lifespan, Carbodeon Oy

Solar heat collectors for the far north, PolarSol Oy


UPM and Ashland Inc. to collaborate on application development for UPM Biofibrils technology, see pdf

Sustainable research and innovation, International Innovation 2013, read article

Renewing Finnish Industry through Materials Research, KEMIA 5/2012, see pdf