Social and Healthcare Services

Service development projects at public organisations, companies and NGOs can be funded through the programme.

The goals of the programme are to

  • Improve the customer-centered starting point within social and healthcare services
  • Increasing the cooperation between the public, the private and the third sector
  • Develope preventive social and healthcare services
  • Increase the customer choice while securing the cost efficacy, availability and quality of services
  • Help spreading and embedding of good practices
  • Create new business opportunities

The four guiding principles

There are four principles that will need to be realised in all innovation projects funded through the programme. The main guiding line in all cases is the person using the services.

  • Customer-centeredness
  • Cooperation
  • Renewing of operating models
  • Benefiting from good practices

How to apply?

Public and private parties and NGOs can apply for funding any time during the course of the programme.  The instructions for funding applications are available in Finnish.