Sapuska – Value Food for International Markets Programme, Brochure (pdf)

Sapuska – Value Food for International Markets Programme, Presentation material (pptx)

Sapuska Fact Finding Trip to Denmark 22-25th of November 2011 (pdf)
The trip was intended for foodstuffs sector SMEs interested in the Danish foodstuffs sector and its expertise in exports and organic foods. A total of 27 people participated in the trip, 6 of whom were organiser and funding agency representatives. The trip was realised as a joint effort between the Tekes Sapuska programme and Finpro.


Food for Life Finland

Take a view of the Finnish food sector. The Food for Life Finland website is dedicated to deliver information about our food R&D and key players among the food chain, as well as food related innovations and culture.

Link to the webpage – Gateway to Finnish Food Research gathers Finnish food research results in one place in a compact and understandable way. All researchers in the Finnish food sector are able to bring their recent results to the attention of three focus groups: enterprises, media and developers.

Foodle is part of the ETP Food for Life Finland platform.

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