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Safera: The safety range hood extinguishes a stove fire

The culprit of fires caused by home electrical appliances is usually the stove. The safety range hood shuts off the power from an overheated cooker and extinguishes a grease fire flaming in a pan.

In Finland, more than four hundred stove fires happen every year. The absent-minded cook forgets that the stove is on, a child depresses the buttons, the dog pokes the six of the knob with his snout. Vantaa-based Safera Oy has developed a range hood that reacts to a dangerous situation.

"The product was born from need. We got a tip from an insurance company that the stove fires are a big problem for which there is no solution", Safera CEO Henri Andell said about the development catalyst.

There are several stove guards on the market that trigger an alarm and turn off the power if the stove has been forgotten while turned on. The Safera’s solution differs from these technically. The safety range hood monitors the temperature of the stove using sensors. The fan safety unit is wirelessly connected to a device installed in the electric cable of the stove, which shuts off the power when needed. The extinguishing equipment placed in parallel with the safety unit makes Safera's innovation unique. The child lock prevents the stove from being accidentally switched on.  

Discreet smart technology

Andell described the development result as externally simple but smart inside. "When it comes to cooking at steamy and high temperatures, the device must be able to distinguish between a dangerous situation and a normal use of the stove".

The CEO noted that the disconnected devices are not suitable for the modern home.  Therefore, the stove guard was hidden in the range hood. The safety technology fits easily into almost every fan model. Currently, Safera collaborates with two Finnish range hood manufacturers. The product went on sale in early 2009, after which the company tried the Swedish market.

The safety range hood was awarded the Fire Protection Fund Innovation Award in 2007. Insurance providers, fire authorities and the Finnish Safety and Chemicals Agency (Tukes) were consulted in the development.

Safera has participated in the Tekes Safety and Security programme, and received Tekes R&D loans and financing for young innovative companies. Andell gave special thanks for the funding that was necessary for the starting company, whereby, in addition to development, the requirement was the commercialisation of a product Safera arose as a company through innovation.


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Text: Anna Kauppi (2010)