Safety and Security

Safe City


Tekes Safety and Security Programme explored citizens living environment in an urban context. Safe city includes safety of critical infrastructure such as communication networks, electricity and clean water; safety of public areas such as venues, streets and public buildings. Other themes explored in the program such as First responders, Cyber security and Healthcare and Home can also be incorporated to the concept of safe city.

Our impact

Solutions developed include ones for city planning, critical infrastructure protection, fire safety of buildings, intelligent surveillance and early warning systems.

An important flavour brought to the innovation landscape was the notion of feelings. To the citizen, safety and security is as much a feeling as it is an objectively measurable reality. Taking into account the sense of safety and yet building business cases responsibly was an important value fostered in the programme.

We also explored the role of safety and security within the global Smart City trend. Information and communication technologies, ubiquitous technologies and open data are used to create new solutions and services for society. Safety and security should most favourably be embedded in the original architecture, not added on as a separate function. This requires cooperation and even emerging of technologies, products and businesses.

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