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Tekes Safety and Security Programme was an open forum that served anyone with an innovative business idea in the field of safety and security. The definition of “safety” and “security” was left open intentionally and subjected to discussion with our clients.

Our impact

Tekes Safety and Security programme brought together people with backgrounds in a variety of sciences and professions such as communication technologies, material sciences, economy, military, social science, philosophy and many others. For all this knowledge to come work together we needed a common language – despite the fact that most people were Finnish. Tekes Safety and Security Programme emphasised the role of communicating ones expertise in way that could be understood by others. We fostered and promoted cross-disciplinary project teams and held many, many open dialogue events to share views. Events aimed mostly to build a stronger Finnish community and shared vision but also brought in international views. A Finnish perspective was brought to international discussion mostly in the framework of the EU’s flagship innovation initiative FP7, but also with the US.

Projects funded from the Programme needed to aim at a specific identified customer need, have a unique approach to solving it and show benefits to the customer. These elements of innovation were brought to our clients in our Value creation training sessions. Companies utilised various services by Tekes aimed at growing internationally, for example the Global Access Programme.

We welcome you to explore individual solutions that don’t fall under the categories presented in other sections of this report.

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