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Independent assisted living

Finland’s aging population calls for solutions that help people live safely and independently in their own homes as long as possible. New safety solutions enable living at home even when a person’s physical and mental capabilities weaken with age. Living at home has value both emotionally and economically. Finland is a forerunner in Europe and the aging phenomenon is shared in China. The market consists of community health and social services, private care service providers and elderly and their families depending on how healthcare is organized within a country.

Prevention of Hospital Acquired Infections

Hospital acquired infections (HAI) such as MRSA or the Noro virus are a global problem. The outbreak of a HAI epidemic may cause temporary closure of ward. In addition to human health, HAI’s have an effect on a hospitals economy. This market consists of public and private hospitals.

Our impact

Tekes Safety & Security Programme explored technology adaptation to an elderly persons home environment and the economy in public investments in such preventive measures. Developed solutions include remote healthcare systems for patients discharged from hospitals and easy to use communication devices which help the elderly keep up their social network. User experience was developed in a demonstration home and with elderly people. Tekes Safety and Security Programme supported the formation of Smart Aging Network Finland, a company network with joint innovation and export activities.

Companies and researchers also worked closely with hospitals to develop a number of innovations designed to prevent outbreak of infection epidemics.

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