Safety and Security

First responders


First Responders are trained emergency response providers such as the police forces, fire departments and ambulance services.

First responders must be ready to deal with a multitude of incidents on a daily basis, and also have the capabilities to plan and execute effective responses to even high yield terror attacks.  Better tools in the hands of these professionals save lives and protect the first responders themselves in their dangerous job.

Our impact

New solutions were developed in co-operation with the first responder community in Finland. One of the key elements turned out to be time. Time saves lives. Fast and relevant information helps to coordinate first responder operations effectively. It is therefore no surprise that projects are based to a great degree on Finland’s expertise in information and communication technologies. The developed solutions cover for example wireless information transfer and messaging in field operations, rescue team management, secure and long-lasting vehicle tracking devices, navigating faster rescue routes, indoor navigation, detectors for chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear threats (CBRNE) and satellite based early warning systems.

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