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During the years of the Tekes Safety and Security Programme the concept of information security changed worldwide into cyber security. To many they mean the same thing. For us cyber security is an extended domain with particular focus on real world implications caused via IT-systems.

Actors behind cyber security threats are a variety of groups such as criminals looking for financial gain, corporate espionage or terrorist pursuing their mission. Cyber security is as much an enabling element as it is a fight against threats. Good cyber security builds trust and enables wide application of digital services within the society such as in healthcare, banking or traffic.

Our impact

Tekes Safety and Security Programme fostered development of information security business and explored the new concept of cyber security on a societal level. In addition to the threat landscape the programme has discussed the positive outcomes that good cyber security enables: citizen services such as eHealth and eVoting, new consumer services based on ubiquitous information and a resilient society overall.

Developed solutions cover traditional information security but also testing of cyber security vulnerabilities, identity management and applications in industrial automation systems.

Tekes Safety and Security Programme supported Finland’s national cyber security strategy by fostering dialogue between authorities, companies and researchers in the topic. Our programme also promoted the formation of the Finnish Information Security Cluster, a network of over 40 companies.

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