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The scope of corporate safety and security ranges from occupational safety issues, safe and secure supply chains, access control and other physical security measures to protecting corporate assets against cyber espionage or ensuring authenticity of product brands. Whether ones call is security, risk management, resilience or business continuity, the aim is the same: to guarantee the continuity of operations and to keep business going even when normal conditions are challenged. As business goes global or at least is a part of a global network, safety and security issues too, become more complex. 

In Finland, a majority of critical infrastructure is operated by private companies. Therefore companies are also a major end user of Cyber Security solutions and a player in Safe City.

Our impact

Tekes Safety and Security Programme explored the economical value of safety and security for private companies. Safety and security investments are traditionally considered as something obligatory, but not really motivating business-wise. In the programme industry, solution providers and researchers explored together the connection between safety and security investments and company productivity.

The first ever national survey on crime against private companies in Finland was executed. In addition Russia and China, two very important and potential business environments for Finnish companies, were studied to clarify and resolve some prejudices Finnish companies have had in entering these markets.

Against initial expectations logistics and occupational safety were not among the most active topics. Developed solutions include modern access control systems, intelligent packaging for product authenticity and safety solutions for fieldworkers.

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