Funding for game business development

Tekes can fund game business development

We want your company to:

  • develop new game products
  • develop new operation and business models and cross media concepts and formats
  • use gamification in development of new product and service concepts

Frequently asked questions

When can an application be submitted?
Companies may apply at any time so there is no need to wait, an application may be submitted immediately. It is, however, advised to contact Tekes advisers and present the project to them in advance.

Who can submit an application?
Companies and research institutes. Companies may apply at any time, for research institutes there will be a separate application period, which will be announced separately.

Can we apply for funding even if we are not a games company?
Yes, if the objective is for instance to develop a novel service or product that utilises gamification.

What kind of applications may be submitted?
Tekes is looking for companies aiming to succeeding at international level. Furthermore, the companies must have the willingness and capability to increase their business.

Does Tekes fund scripting games or producing game content?
The development of content may be funded as part of the project. For example, content necessary for testing and the development of technology is eligible for funding. Concepting and demo stages often encompass content design. It is not always even possible to separate the development of technology from the development of content. Project funding is always decided on a case-by-case basis.

What kind of games may be proposed?
Besides entertainment games, social games and networks can already be employed in developing products and services (crowdsourcing). Gamification is fast becoming part of healthcare and logistics services. In the future, besides serving as entertainment, games and simulations may be incorporated into schools' learning environments as well as into corporate training and coaching. Tools used in the games industry can also be used in other industries, such as modelling, simulating and user interface design as well as in software development tools.

What are the criteria for projects?
Tekes mainly evaluates three aspects:

1. A project's novelty value: will the solution create added value to the target group? Will the game (concept, business model, service) to be developed have novelty value?
2. Turnover and commercial potential created by the project?
3. Does the company have the resources and competence to carry out the work and to commercialise the results?

Is it enough to have an idea? Or is there something else I need to have ready before getting in touch?
It is good to make contact as early as possible. Before submitting an application, the following matters should be established:

1. What are the game concept and games business under development like?
2. What are the game's competitive advantage and novelty value as compared to products already on the market?
3. What are the target group and customers? What is the sales potential?
4. What are the planned marketing, distribution and business models?
5. What is the biggest risk for the game development project regarding the realisation of the project? And the biggest risk regarding the commercialisation of the results?
6. What would you apply funding for? What are the stages of the development, persons involved, costs and other possible companies and their roles?

How much money does Tekes allocate for games companies?
Tekes has funded the Finnish game industry since 1995 with appr. EUR 75 million. Funding is several million euros per year (appr. EUR 8.4 million in 2013 and EUR 5.5 million in 2014).

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