Funding for game business development

Programme projects

See the company and research projects funded in Skene programme.

Examples of the projects funded in Skene programme

A good story is most important for Rival Games
Turku-based Rival Games makes TV-series-type games for which it produces new content on a regular basis. A game based on a well-known comic strip is also on its way.

Wellbeing game encourages office workers to become active
Sitting is killing you. Long periods spent sitting are considered one of the key reasons behind the obesity epidemic. Research suggests that even short sessions of physical exercise significantly reduce the harm caused by sitting. Tekes's Skene programme supported the creation of Cuckoo Workout's wellbeing game that will get office workers out of their chairs.

Finnish multimedia company combines games and comics
Founded in Helsinki in 2012, Tunnel Ground is set to expand into the US market in the summer with a new business model based on games and comics. The company is also aiming for the 50-million-player market in the Middle East and North Africa.

Image: Rival Games