International researchers

Team up with a Finnish research group or a company to carry out internationally challenging research project. Establish contacts between your research team and businesses and leading experts in Finland.

FiDiPro Programme

FiDiPro – Finland Distinguished Professor Programme offers funding to projects recruiting highly merited international researchers in Finnish universities and research institutes to create long-term collaboration in science and technology.

NSF Graduate Research Fellows

Tekes invites NSF Graduate Research Fellows to team up with leading Finnish research groups through the Nordic Research Opportunity in Finland initiative.

What services does Tekes provide?

Tekes funds public research at Finnish research institutes and universities. International cooperation and researcher mobility are encouraged in all research projects, and extensive international cooperation will be rewarded with greater funding participation.

Tekes offers funding for international researcher mobility as part of the research project carried out by a Finnish research group. In joint projects with international partners, Tekes can offer innovation funding for the Finnish research group.

Tekes encourages companies to recruit international researchers or consultants to their projects in Finland, and to engage in research carried out by research teams abroad.

How to get started?

Tekes's innovation funding is applied by research groups and companies in Finland. To create joint projects, please contact directly Finnish universities, research institutes or businesses.

Tekes programmes have proven an effective form of cooperation and networking for businesses, universities and research institutes wishing to develop innovative products, processes and services. The programmes provide excellent frameworks for international R&D cooperation.