Eurostars – faster to international markets

Eurostars in a nutshell

Eurostars is European programme to make European SMEs internationally competitive leaders of their industry. Eurostars provides funding for market-oriented research and development with the active participation of research and development – performing small – and medium-sized enterprises (R&D-performing SMEs). Eurostars is managed by EUREKA.

Funding and expertise

Eurostars logoEurostars projects are funded by national agencies and the European commission together. Tekes funds Finnish project participants annually with EUR 5 million. Besides funding Eurostars offers companies expertise to complete R&D projects. The leaders of Eurostars projects are growth-seeking SMEs that invest at least 10 percent of turnover or human resources to R&D. Project participants must include at least two countries participating Eurostars. Companies are responsible at least 50 percent of the project costs.


There are no constraints to industries in Eurostars. Projects are started quickly when public funding is secured and funding decisions are made simultaneously. The maximum project duration is three years and results are expected to enter markets in two years after the project is completed.

In the market-oriented Eurostars projects SMEs develop products, processes and services together or in cooperation with research organisations and/or large companies. Eurostars enables R&D project results to be turned faster than previously into business.

Contact us

SME planning on taking project lead is advised to contact EUREKA project coordinator in its own country. National project coordinators of the EUREKA network help in the application process and the network supports the companies during project. The Eurostars website provides additional information and the latest evaluation timetables of the applications.

Mr. Tom Warras
National EUREKA Project Coordinator (NPC)
Senior Adviser
Tel. +35829 50 55839

Mr. Matti Evola
Deputy NPC
Senior Adviser
Tel. +35829 50 55835

E-mail format: firstname.lastname (at)

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