TekesHack: Design Contest for better partnerships

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Finland needs to be the world’s best innovation ecosystem in order to stay competitive in the future. It can be achieved only when companies, academia, investors and public sector are networked, and there is transparency of different actors in the field.

We believe that this would lead to better research results, faster adoption of innovation and more competitive companies.

Invitation to Design Contest

We want to help researchers, companies and investors connect with each other and find out what other players do in the ecosystem. At Tekes, our 200 experts do this matchmaking every day but it’s still very dependent on individuals’ tacit knowledge of actors in the field. Our belief is, that this work could be accelerated by digital tools.

This is why we are opening a #TekesHack Design Contest to find partner or partners who can help us build these digital services. This is the first time a digital innovation is bought by a public entity.


In our work to empower the ecosystem, we have defined key challenges from point-of-view:

For the Design Contest, which includes also the hackathon phase, we will make the following resources available for creating prototypes.

Using other public sources of data and technology resources are also possible

TekesHack is a part of the contest

Hackathon event is one phase of the Design Contest. After the teams have been selected according to the selection criteria for the Design Contest there is three week time for developing contest work. Before the deadline, the two-day hackathon on September 22–23rd will be an opportunity to test and develop ideas and the prototype together with Tekes professionals.

We will reward the best teams/works of Hackathon.

The jury will evaluate the hackathon by the following criteria:

  1. Problem – How relevant is the chosen problem or opportunity?
  2. Solution – How well does your solution solve the problem?
  3. Value – How big is the added value for the users?
  4. Team – How capable is your team to execute the idea?

Tekes negotiates with the winner/winners of the Design Contest and will make a contract with the suitable supplier/suppliers. The value of the deal for the first year will be a maximum of 100 000 euros. The estimated value for the contract (approximately for 4-6 years) in total is 200 000 euros.


Stay tuned about the latest news and views by following #TekesHack.

Drawing up application

The application and all annexes must be submitted in writing in English. All application documents shall be included in the application, the website of the information can not be referenced. Applications must include the participants' name(s), business identity, postal address, as well as name and email address and phone number of the contact person.

The following documents must be included in the application:

Completed applications must be delivered primarily via email, no later than 22th of August 2016 at 4 pm Eastern European Time (EET) to the following email address: kirjaamo@tekes.fi, or posted in a sealed envelope to Tekes's registry office in the address: Tekes/Kirjaamo, Porkkalankatu 1, 00180 Helsinki Finland. Emails or envelopes must be clearly marked: "8/25/2015".

More information

The hackathon is co-organised by the Industryhack