Solve tomorrow's big problems today

It has become clear that being a successful company means today something different it did in the past. More and more, the initial recipe for success is not to make more money or grow in size, but to increase your potential to have an impact on the world.

Building a company attuned for impact and success starts from purpose – the powerful reason for your existence. Your purpose expresses the philosophy behind your business, and aims to bring humanity back into the organization. To get into the mood for purpose, you might want to ask yourself: What's the legacy I want to leave behind, or what are the soul-stirring stories people tell when we are gone?

Your own purpose lies at the intersection of the biggest problems in your world and your special superpowers to solve them. But simply stating that you 'solve the climate crisis' or 'reduce obesity' does not suffice. Instead, your purpose should define a progressive take on the challenge and explain the feasible solutions to tackle it effectively.

The benefits of a big purpose are plenty. It's given you will be more likely to smile when you walk to work in the morning, while your investors are happy to hand you further funds. So not only does a big purpose make you find more meaning, but it makes everyone – including your customers, employees and investors – to value more what you do, and who you are.

And there's even more. Purpose can be the strategy you never had. The one that finally aligns all parts of your business – brand, product, culture, partners and beyond – for a common goal. And that allows you to think, make, test and deploy exponentially better ways for value creation and epic impact on your world.


RePack is a sustainable and neatly designed package system aiming to remove packaging trash from the evergrowing field of e-commerce. The fast growing Finnish company offers a delivery alternative for online retailers and shoppers, where the nature-friendly delivery packages can be easily returned, and then re-used.


CosmEthics brings transparency and ethics back to cosmetics. Their handy app allows people to scan products' barcodes and check if there are any unhealthy ingredients. The Finnish startup gives people the possibility to make smarter choice and learn more about the latest research on things in our everyday products that might harm you and your family.

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