Build positive platforms for epic impact.

What would happen if you don't set the table for a roomful of people, but could cater for almost everyone in the world? In the platform era, that's the principle the most successful companies follow. With the help of digital technologies, new companies expand their scope beyond what used to be possible only for the biggest corporations in the world.

To become a platform company, you should build businesses upon which others can build businesses, and develop service systems that facilitate social action and meaningful exchange between people. This means a wholesale shift from a traditional business model dedicated on selling stuff or services, to a networked model for empowering people to co-create value and things.

By identifying a group of producers and users, and by building technology that makes their interaction fantastically easy, cheap, trustworthy and fast, the platform companies are now disrupting traditional categories of business, one after another. Take Airbnb, founded in 2008 and armed with an app, a company that is about to book more rooms than any hotel chain in the world, simply by connecting people with rooms with people who need one.

So when you get your platform right, the resulting network effects mean only sky's the limit: the more people use your platform the more valuable it becomes for everyone involved. This also leads to exponentially growing potential to transform the world. But make no mistake, this is not an easy feat.

To ensure your platform strives for growth and positive impact, your platform should have a user experience that is unparalleled to anyone else, delivered for all sides involved. So make sure you won't ever optimize your platform just for efficiency and profit. Instead, always aim for bigger values, such as joy, comfort, well-being, access and equality – or all the positive things that your impact should be made of.


PiggyBaggy is a Finnish startup that provides a convenient and sustainable ride-sharing platform that aims to revolutionize the way we transport goods. It's still in a beta, but already makes it possible for neighbors and businesses to share the costs of transport and save time, money – and the environment – at the same time.

Epidemic Sound

Epidemic Sound is an ever-growing library of royalty free music that provides new benefits for people who create music and who listen to it. The Swedish startup provides a common platform for uncomplicated global licensing that many of the biggest production companies, broadcasters, professional editors and creators already use worldwide.

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