Enable your customers to do what they value most.

The secret sauce for success remains always the same: help your customers do and achieve things they value more than anything else. That's easier said than done, for sure. But this recipe is surprisingly simple: you just need to get people right.

To create an invaluable business, one of the key things is a full-flavored worldview that extends way beyond consumer studies, user observations and market insights. It's not that these methods are not useful, quite the contrary. But in our increasingly complex world, we should always advance the ways we understand what matters and what is truly valuable for people we eventually work for.

So what should you do? We recommend you become a modern-day anthropologist, a curious explorer who wants to immerse into the wonderful world and endlessly changing lives of all the people in and around your company. Because only with an open mind for your customers, employees, stakeholders and partners, you can see and feel the world anew.

Gradually, you'll notice you've become a connoisseur of all the things that resonate strongly with your customers – and even make them cry from joy. It is in this moment, when you can escape from your obsession with the nuts and bolts of your current product and business. And start to see emerging opportunities for new value creation: the hopes, fears and visions people have, and the multitude of ways you can help people do what they really want and need.

When you get people right, you are ready to cook up immensely more valuable solutions across your business. Then, your impact is not bound to selling superior things to consumers, it's only bound by your imagination to change lives for the better.


KONE, the over hundred-year-old Finnish company, produces the world renowned elevators, escalators and logistics solutions for buildings. In the past seven years, it has reinvented its product and service business with its dedication for People Flow, a philosophy that drives KONE to invest in human-centered research and design. The approach has helped the company to improve both the user experience and its whole service business, making it smoother and safer for people to move in and between buildings the world over.


Superplus is a Norwegian startup that aims to help millions of children with developmental disabilities to live a fuller life. They provide mobile and tablet apps that allow children to better develop, build self-esteem and master their everyday challenges. Their people-centric approach combines emotional and inspiring game design with the latest science and holistic understanding of developmental disabilities, making sure that children and their parents can truly benefit from the service.

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