Hire digitalisation experts to SME with Digiboost funding

Digiboost funding campaign helps Finnish SMEs to benefit from digitalisation. SMEs can boost their productivity and competitiveness by hiring digitalisation experts.

Digitalisation expertise for companies

SMEs in all industries can hire one or more digitalisation experts with Tekes Digiboost funding that covers half of the salary for one (1) year.

The expert(s) can help the company to boost its business activities, productivity and competitiveness by bringing completely new digital knowhow via e.g. R&D or surveys.

Get in touch

Interested in going digital? Get in touch by filling in the Team Finland network's service form. We'll call you back within a week.

To speed things along, please specify 'Digiboost' in the form, as in the image below.

Apply for Digiboost funding

If you have already filled Team Finland network's service form or chatted with a Tekes adviser, apply for Digiboost funding at Tekes online service.

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