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China – Finland Nano-Innovation Center

Suzhou has been designated by the Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) as the "China International Nanotech Innovation Cluster (CHInano)". SIP launched the "Nanopolis Suzhou" initiative to provide a complete ecosystem support for the growth of nanotechnology and its enabling industries.

The China-Finland Nano-Innovation center is located in the middle of Nanopolis and its' best reasearch and development facilities. The center was opened in November 2012 by ministers Mr. Wan Gang and Mr. Jyri Häkämies.

The center is for promotion of Finnish nanotechnology know-how, products, services and for co-operation possibilities to Chinese nanotechnology developers and potential nano-innovation utililizers It hosts and services short term visits for acquainting to the possibilities Suzhou nanotech ecosystems can offer and to study the local needs. Partner assisted networking with potential nanotechnology utilizers and local nanotech operators with assistance of local partners is made available.

Center accommodates free-of-charge jointly funded projects for practical project implementation. There is a showroom available free-of-charge for innovation, product or service promotion.

MoU of the China – Finland Nano-Innovation Center (pdf)