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Innovation funding

Tekes grants annually around EUR 600 million towards innovative projects aimed at generating new know-how and new kinds of products, processes, and service or business concepts. Funding is also available for developing work organisations.

Tekes facilitates collaboration and networking between small and large businesses, industry and academia, public and private sector and non-governmental organisations globally - nationally – regionally Tekes's customers include companies, universities, research institutions, government organisations, local and regional authorities and other organisations operating in Finland.

  • SMEs
  • Large enterprises
  • Research organisations

For international companies

Tekes can also finance R&D projects undertaken by foreign-owned companies registered in Finland. International companies with R&D activities in Finland do not need to have a Finnish partner to be eligible for funding. The financed project should, however, contribute to the Finnish economy.

  • For international companies

For international researchers

With a view to promoting international R&D cooperation, Tekes funds collaborative research and development projects and facilitates researcher mobility.

  • For international researchers