Innovation Research

User-oriented disruptive innovations

Discontinuous Innovation Project – Integrating customer and user into innovation
Aalto University: Pekka Berg

Implementation of discontinuous user driven innovation (DIP II) is a project conducted by Innovation Management Institute (IMI) at Aalto University School of Science and Technology. DIP II is part of the international Discontinuous Innovation Laboratory project including research partners from 11 countries. DIP II project aims at improving the competitiveness of Finnish companies by creating new knowledge about customer and user involvement in the development process of discontinuous and radical innovations. The results of the research can be utilized by all Finnish companies when developing user driven services, products and business models.

Conceptualizing the toolbox for practice-based innovation policy
Lappeenranta University of Technology: Tuija Oikarinen

The present study seeks to find the connection between science-based (STI) and practice-based (DUI) innovation processes and to tune in a shared, generative dance in the framework of absorptive capacity. The research in the project is two-faceted. One is the holistic innovation policy level where the focus is on the creation, development and measuring the practice-based innovation policy concept. Another is the level of piloting, analyzing and further developing the methods and ways of supporting the realization of the innovation processes. The cross-cutting themes are customer and user-driven approach, creation of value networks and measuring the impact of the actions.