Innovation Research

Policy brief

Analysis of practice-based innovation and the case of DARPA, Policy Brief 1/2013 (pdf)

Can radical innovations be promoted through user involvement? How do visions for radical innovation emerge, what can be learned from the case of DARPA in the US defence sector?

Inclusive innovation on BOP markets, Policy Brief 3/2012 (pdf)

What is meant by inclusive innovation and BOP markets? How can Finnish companies successfully innovate on BOP markets?

Using social media data to understand and measure innovation activities, Policy Brief 2/2012 (pdf)

How could innovation activities be monitored and measured in a broader and more topical manner? What new opportunities do social media provide in terms of measuring innovation activities?

Innovation protection as a means of supporting company growth, Policy Brief 1/2012 (pdf)

What do companies' IP strategies mean for their growth? Do small, innovative Finnish companies benefit from patenting? How could the public sector promote competence relating to managing IP:s?