Innovation Research

Green and sustainable growth – policy opportunities and challenges

Green Transitions: Global and Local Policies, Institutions and Experiences in Finland and Emerging Economies
University of Helsinki: Karoliina Snell

The project Green Transitions – Global and Local Policies, Institutions, and Experiences in Finland and Emerging Economies (GreenTrans) seeks to identify and explain various ongoing and potential pathways to green transitions. It scrutinises ideas, initiatives and practices of green growth and sustainability, and the patterns and mechanisms of governance that foster or restrain the opening, alteration and decline of socio-technical regimes. With a forward-looking and prescriptive orientation, the project emphasises ongoing and potential development trajectories that may open up possibilities for the emergence of new technological niches. It examines particularly Finnish green governance and the possibilities and hindrances related policies and practices create for development of green innovations in a global context.

Future Innovations and Technology Policy for Sustainable System-level Transitions: Case of Transport
Aalto University: Paula Kivimaa

Transformation of the present-day oil-based transport system would increase energy self-sufficiency and energy-security, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and give new business opportunities and jobs. This work aims to clarify how various socio-technical pathways could be progressed for Finland in the transport sector. We will assess the potential of innovation policy options intended to induce changes in the Finnish transport sector with a special emphasis on: (1) measures for energy efficiency and demand reduction in transport, (2) advanced biofuels and electric vehicles, and (3) vehicles and services related to public transport and light traffic. The project will consist of three interlinked sub-projects: first addressing the aims of the project from a policy perspective; second addressing the aims from a perspective of the actors in innovation networks; and third integrating the two other sub-projects. The overall aim of the project is to generate policy options and frameworks for innovation policy that will facilitate system-level transitions in the transport sector and related industries in Finland. The work is based on literatures on path dependence and path creation, as well as sustainability transitions.