Innovation Research

Demand and user orientation

Theme for 2010

The nature of innovation activities is changing quickly and focusing more directly on the value experiences and needs of customers and users, a phenomenon that is being facilitated by the proliferation of the Internet and social media. Many new business opportunities for user-oriented innovations are also opening up in rapidly developing and low-income markets. Innovation policy has traditionally centred on supply side instruments, such as R&D funding and technology programmes. Only recently has demand and user orientation become the focus of policy, and Finland has been a leader in terms of this development.

The goal of innovation research in 2010 is to produce new and concrete views on promoting and monitoring user-oriented innovations. Projects that clarify how Finnish companies create and repatriate value in international value networks have also been funded. The 2010 research projects are grouped according to the following themes:

1. Boosting demand- and user-oriented innovation in industry

2. Toolkits and indicators for monitoring demand- and user-oriented innovation

3. User-oriented innovation for BOP markets in developing countries

4. User-oriented disruptive innovations

5. Value creation in global networks