Innovation Research

Boosting demand- and user-oriented innovation in industry

Community-based open innovation in the global economy
Aalto University: Kristian Möller

Innonets2 aka i2 research project focuses on the means, methods and effects of utilizing user communities in the innovation development. The objective of the project is to (i) develop new tools that help firms to benefit of open, user-driven and community-based innovation, and (2) establish new indicators and scales that help them to assess the success of such innovating in the global economy. The empirical part of the research comprises in-depth case studies and surveys among firms and users that participate the community-based innovation development. The results and tools gained in the project help Finnish companies to cope with the challenges of innovation communities and increasing user-driven development. The results can also be used in societal decision making when allocating resources to the areas of community-based innovation development recognized in the project.

Social media as an interface of innovation processes in B2B companies
Åbo Akademi University: Kimmo Rautiainen; Tampere Technical University: Hannu Kärkkäinen

The project examines opportunities and best practices of utilizing social media in creating customer understanding in innovation processes of b-to-b companies and thus improves user orientation of companies. The project is based on a thorough pre-study where the development needs of finnish companies in regard to utilizing social media were studied. The project has been prepared in cooperation with the national Digital Content Competence Cluster that ensures wide diffusion and implementation of results.

Utilization of public data
Research Institute of the Finnish Economy, ETLA; Aalto University, University of Helsinki: Heli Koski

Public sector is an important producer of raw data for new information services and products that further generates market conditions for the re-use of public sector information (PSI). In Finland, the practices and laws concerning the supply of PSI are under a renewal process. Research based information concerning how PSI supply should be organized and priced optimally from the point of view of a society as a whole is particularly needed. Decision-makers need not only economic and legal knowledge but also point of views of the re-users of PSI. This research project offers interdisciplinary research-based perspectives that are of direct use to decision-makers. The project comprises the following four closely interlinked parts: 1) Supply and pricing of PSI, 2) Legislative boundaries, 3) The impacts of opening PSI on demand- and user-led innovation activities and 4) Organizational changes in public administration. We are particularly interested in PSI estimated to have a great economic potential (e.g. geographical and meteorological information). We also investigate the utilization potential of other PSI and their potential markets. In addition, our analysis covers organizational changes that are needed to undertake in public administration when practices related to the supply of PSI change.