Funding for cleantech solutions by SMEs

Funding for cleantech solutions by SMEs available NOW!

Apply for Tekes funding. We will pay 50% of your project costs. Act quickly – now is the time to apply for key project funding for 2016. Applications should be submitted no later than 18 November 2016.

What can the funding be used for?

Funding will be provided:

  • For SMEs planning to reinvent or create new products, services, production methods, processes or business models.
  • For the utilisation of digital solutions in products or processes.
  • For the development of business processes that support products and services in various target markets. May include partnership and ecosystem development models, digitalisation etc.
  • For new, customer-driven service business and partnership models that differ from traditional equipment manufacture.
  • For the systematic development of business practices related to commercialisation and product launches, marketing and brand and image management. This may involve creating a systematic commercialisation project for the international markets.
  • Competence and working environment development in preparation for international business can form part of the above-mentioned activities.
  • For your company’s development needs?

Feel free to call us for more information and advice.

Cleantech refers to products, services and processes that promote the sustainable use of natural resources and reduce emissions into the environment.

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