Tekes themes: Towards economic growth

This will succeed if,

1. We give enterprises more freedom to be enterprising.

Let's eliminate unnecessary regulations and restrictions that are stopping businesses from reinventing themselves.

2. We change our attitudes to failure.

Let's change bankruptcy law so that bankrupt entrepreneurs can at least keep a roof over their heads. And let's encourage them to try again.

3. We change taxation to incentivise people to become entrepreneurs.

How about trying out Estonia's taxation model, allowing profitably growing companies to invest their profits directly in new growth free of business tax?

4. We make public-sector purchases serve Finnish companies.

Let's target 10 percent (3.5 billion euros) of public investments at innovative companies and shape tendering exercises to support innovation.

5. We speed up digitalisation.

Let's make faster use of digitalisation in the renewal of our industrial base, in health care and in creating new businesses. Tekes will participate proactively in this, by providing funding and services.

6. We focus business subsidies on growth and renewal.

Companies need Tekes in order to share the risks associated with innovations. Finland's innovation funding needs to be raised to European level.


As a result of these measures,

1. We will see a twofold rise in exports by SMEs by 2020.

When exports rise, new jobs will be created. That's how we'll turn Finland around.

2. Fresh innovations will improve our quality of life.

Enterprises can use Tekes funding to develop new solutions for the energy sector, waste disposal, environmental protection, urbanisation and mobile services. Health technology will be a source of new innovations in healthcare and preventative healthcare. We will use the latest innovations to take care of ourselves and our surroundings.