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We fund projects to develop innovative business, products, services and work organisations of companies registered in Finland.

Steps for a new company customer

Test your Team Finland service need

When you have a clear picture of the marketing and competition related to your product or service, test its eligibility for funding and Team Finland services. Give a brief description of what you are developing and what you see as the main challenges in development.

The information submitted will be sent to Team Finland network using an SSL encrypted connection and treated as confidential. We will be in touch with you within a week and make a proposal on how to proceed with your idea.

If your company is interested in the Product Track you can also use this form.

We will be in touch

We will be in touch with you for further discussion within a week of your contacting us via the Test you service need form.

Draft a good presentation of your plan and be prepared to answer questions. Together, we will think through the next stages.

Give it a try!

Further questions to foreign companies

  • What kind of business opportunities are you looking from Finland and what kind of results are you aiming at in the possible project?

  • What would be the positive impact on the Finnish national economy (Tekes funding equals the tax-payers money)?

  • Finland based company basics (ownership, shares, starting balance sheet, plan for funding the company operations for the next 3-5 years, employees (number, profile)
    --> the same background info of the parent company

  • Business purpose and rationale for activities in Finland?
    --> do you have business plan for the Finnish unit / parent company (preliminary, short version)?
    --> what could be the employment effect in Finland? What kind of local business responsibility could you have in Finland?
    --> who owns the IPR's?
    --> what kind of networks (knowhow and skills) are you searching from Finland and what do you bring to the network?

  • Do you have a specific project plan (or preliminary, short version) concerning your activities in Finland? Project plan could include tasks, timetable, resources.

Companies operating in Finland can apply for funding at any time.

Enterprise Finland offers guidance

Enterprise Finland Telephone Service for entrepreneurs who are just starting out or already operating.

  • tel. +358 29 502 0500 
  • Mon – Thurs 9 am - 5 pm and Fri 9 am - 16:15 pm

Enterprise Finland Telephone Service offers you information about the public enterprise services in Finland and guidance on starting up your own business.

Please send your message by filling in the electronic service request form. All your information will be treated strictly confidential. We will respond to you as soon as possible.

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